aba therapy miami

Angels Therapy Center we are leader in providing ABA Therapy in Miami. With a wide array of individualized programs and services to support children with autism, and their families.  We create a bridge between our autism children, the families and the integration with the community. Academics, visual and performing arts, social skills, communication, life skills, aba therapy, speech therapy and much more to extend our children’s engagement,  that they may more fully unfold their potential, and that they more fully and meaningfully participate in life. With the heart of everything we do. We invite you to take a tour to our center ensure that every person with autism is given the opportunity to contribute to our community.

Early Intervention Services

Our Early Intervention Services is a system of services that helps babies and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities during the first 3 years of a child’s life. Early intervention focuses on helping babies and toddlers learn the basic skills in the areas of language and social behavior.

Applied Behavior Analysis:ABA Therapy

Angels Therapy Center can provide highly-skilled Behavior assistants with specialized training in working with challenging behavior, offering full-inclusion academic assistance, and providing health-related support.

Angels Therapy Services

Angels Therapy Center is a unique and dynamic center with services designed to uses comprehensive assessment as the foundation for each person’s unique treatment plan, to reduce the symptoms of autism.


What is Autism?

Autism is a developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. It is a neurological disorder that affects the development of the brain, causing difficulty with communication, learning, and social interaction.

Treating Autism

Wrestling with the emotional rollercoaster after the diagnosis, parents need answers, found research on ABA therapy and its overwhelming effectiveness in the treatment of ASD. Angels Therapy Center we offer only the best quality of care through our highly trained staff. Whether your child is with us part time or full time, we provide completely individualized Autism services all in one place to every child’s needs. We accept CMS and Stay Well through Medicaid.